Grade 8 Exit Survey
  Firstname Lastname
* 1. Name of School
Choose one of the following answers
2. For each statement below, where applicable to you, check how helpful has this been in helping you prepare for high school.
  Very helpful Helpful Somewhat helpful Not very helpful
I have had opportunities to discover my personal strengths, interests and skills throughout elementary school.
I understand how my skills and strengths will help me be successful in school and later on in life.
I have participated in activities that helped me explore different areas of study, jobs and careers.
I have had opportunities to think critically about my decisions and set goals.
I have a plan for achieving my goals.
I have had opportunities to help plan and organize any of the activities related to the above.
I have an online Individual Pathways Plan (IPP).
3. My main learning style is:

Choose one of the following answers
4. At school, I set goals about my future.
5. I reflect on my goals.
6. I have done some goal planning in MyBlueprint.
7. I believe the courses I have selected for Gr. 9 will help me to meet my goals.
8. I use MyBlueprint for planning my future pathway.
9. I have plans to begin my community involvement hours this summer.
10. I think the biggest influence on my plans for the future is...

11. What helped me the most in planning for high school is….

12. For each item below, select one response to indicate the degree to which you know about the following opportunities at high school:
  Know A Lot About It Have Heard About It Know Nothing About It
SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major)
Coop (Cooperative Education)
Dual Credit
Student Success
Community Involvement Hours
Extra curricular – athletics, music, drama, student leadership, clubs
13. I would like to know more about …..

14. Are you thinking of a career in the skilled trades?
15. I have talked about careers/jobs at school:
Choose one of the following answers
16. What activities would help me learn more about careers/jobs?

17. I have shared my plans for the future with: (check all that apply)
* Which high school do you plan to attend?
Choose one of the following answers

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